Anti-aging means pro-action and repair of marks left by time.

Mesotherapy, phototherapy and radiofrequencies are our great allies in the anti-aging process.

The aging of the skin is a natural process.

Time has a direct effect on our skin.

However, aging is also very much determined by our lifestyle, including sun exposure, diet, physical exercise, smoking, sleeping habits etc.

That is why we say that every person gets the age they deserve.

Anti-aging is about adopting good habits so as to prevent, delay and/or eliminate the traces of time.

The only thing required beyond that is a positive attitude and good advice from our dermatologist.

These are 4 modern, pain-free, non-invasive and safe ways for anti-aging that will enable you to choose which one is the most appropriate for your skin with the help of your doctor.

In particular:

Anti-aging with Mesotherapy using roller or Dermapen

Injection-free mesotherapy is a weapon against aging, sagging, wrinkles, freckles, ideal for young ages too.

In injection-free mesotherapy we use special cocktails with:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • peptides

in order to give back to our skin what it has lost.

We use atraumatic rollers or Dermapen, which include tiny needle tips, to make tiny punctures on the skin.

In this way we open up points of entry for the drastic substances selected.

At the same time, these small punctures trigger collagen regeneration for vigour.

At the end of the session there is a mild redness which subsides after a while. The face becomes shiny, hydrated and healthy – anti-aging accomplished.


Anti-agingBiorepair mesotherapy

D-cool’s revolutionary method of electroporation involves creating temporary tiny punctures on the skin to allow the active substances into the cells without pain and bruising.

This is an anti-aging and whitening treatment that also improves the appearance of black circles without irritation, even in the summer.

The simultaneous use of cold and heat during the treatment improves microcirculation, boosts toxin elimination, relieves oedemas around the eyes or irritation on the face.


Fractional radiofrequency with or without needling with Venus Viva

If there are wrinkles or sagging, or if the face simply needs an overall revitalisation, fractional radiofrequencies are a safe treatment for all skin types all year round.

We use the new technology of Venus Viva nano fractional radiofrequencies for selective ablation (controlled microinjury) of the skin.

The applicator then diffuses heat in the dermis, stimulating fibroblasts and collagen regeneration.

Fractional radiofrequency with needling is a device including an applicator with fine needles to penetrate the skin and, through this controlled microinjury and the energy released, to achieve regeneration and production of collagen.

Anaesthetic cream is applied approximately 30-40 minutes prior to the treatment.

After the treatment there will be a mild burning feeling and redness for a few hours.

You will gradually note an improvement in the appearance of your wrinkles and complexion, even at the neck, eyelids, and decollete.

This method is a treatment against skin sagging, tightens visible pores, helps against acne, reduces acne scars and imperfections.


Anti-agingPhototherapy & photodynamic therapy (Skin – OX, Sesderma)

Therapy with light is a modern, non-invasive and natural method where visible LED light or High Density Diode is utilised in various wavelengths (Low Level Light Energy), either by itself or combined with photosensitizing substances (photodynamic therapy).

Photons activate cell oxygenation and skin regeneration.


How is the treatment done?

The face is exposed to a lamp of light of a specific wave length, depending on indications.

Red light triggers collagen production for regeneration and anti-aging, blue light suspends seborrhea and the cutibacterium acnes thanks to its antibacterial properties, green light is anti-inflammatory and acts against freckles giving an even tone to the skin, and yellow light reduces redness and treats rosacea.

In photodynamic treatment, the doctor applies on the skin a herbal substance that gets activated by light (such as chlorophyll, turmeric, liposomal ALA, colloidal gold, colloidal silver) in order to enhance cell metabolism.

Moreover, skin oxygenation and collagen production is stimulated.

This method is ideal for photoaged skin that shows redness, freckles and mild sagging.

The treatment is painless and safe.

Recovery time is zero, or skin is … for a few days.




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