Body Freckle Treatments

Body Freckle Treatments such as peeling, laser and fractional frequencies (RF) are bloodless methods that eliminate freckles on the arms and decollete, as well as the face.

As much as we focus on our facial care, we usually neglect areas which give away our true age. Arms and decollete.

These are areas exposed to the sun, and the traces left by photoaging are what add years to our appearance.

The treatments against brown spots and freckles are bloodless and are done at our clinic, with minimal recovery time.


Body Freckle TreatmentsTreatments for Body Freckles – What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels has been used for skin renovation since the ancient times.

Special solutions are applied on the skin in order to destroy parts of the photoaged skin in a controlled way.

Depending on the desirable result (shine, freckles, wrinkles), there may be no irritation at all, a mild peel off and redness for a few days or a more pronounced one for a week.

The new skin that will emerge will be healthier, brighter, with fewer wrinkles, and will better retain humidity thus staying hydrated.

To get the desirable result, it is necessary to follow the dermatologist’s instructions before and after the treatment.


Treatments for Body Freckles – What is the Easy Droxy BLUE PEEL?

The blue peel is a chemical peel method used to fade out:

  • freckles on the face
  • arms
  • decollete.

It is a combination of fruit acids including glycolic, citric, lactic, kojic and salicylic acid. It is not irritating to skin and gradually gives whitening.


Body Freckle TreatmentsBody Freckle Treatments – What is the Mene/Moy Yellow PEEL?

The yellow peel is a chemical peel especially for freckles on the face and decollete.

The yellow peel is a combination of retinoic acid (vitamin Α), phytic, azelaic, kojic and salicylic acid.

After the treatment, the skin gets a yellowish appearance, and 3 days later starts to mildly peel off.

The yellow peel acts against freckles and thin wrinkles.


Body Freckle TreatmentsWhat is Me line peel?

Me line is a new generation peel which can be adapted to skin phototype, dark- or light-coloured.

It is ideal for melasma, facial freckles or hyperpigmentation in the sensitive area of the genitals and belly.

The solutions used are based on combinations of tranexamic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid, retinol, resorcinol, phytic acid, mandelic acid, pyruvic acid, salicylic acid and VIT C (vitamin C).

The desirable result is usually achieved in two sessions, without any strong feeling of heat, and you will experience a medium peel off for a few days.

The treatment is completed with an injection mesotherapy combining tranexamic acid, nicotinamide and glutathione.


Body Freckle TreatmentsWhat is melanoplus?

A peel created especially for freckles on the face, hands, decollete and back; contains kojic acid, ferulic acid, Bexaretinyl complex and TCA (trichloroacetic acid) 20%.

It is ideal for all skin phototypes but should be avoided in months with strong sunlight.

There will be a mild feeling of heat during the treatment, and a mild or medium peel off in the following days.

Thin wrinkles and freckles will gradually fade away.


 Venus Viva Fractional radio frequency treatment

The Venus Viva Fractional radio frequency is an extremely pioneering method.

Its considerable advantage is that it can be safely administered all year round, on all skin types, without any side effects owing to sunlight.

With the new nano fractional frequency technology of Venus Viva, we effect a selective skin ablation, then create microcolumns of heat in the dermis to stimulate fibroblasts and collagen regeneration.

The fractional radiofrequency needling is an instrument with microneedles which deliver the energy of the radiofrequency in depth from 3.5 -1.5m away. This controlled microinjury and the energy released result in regeneration and collagen production.

An anaesthetic cream is applied 30-40 minutes before the treatment, and there will be a mild feeling of heat and redness for a few hours afterwards. You will gradually note an improvement in the appearance of your wrinkles and complexion, even at the neck, eyes, and decollete.

Radiofrequencies are a treatment against skin sagging, tighten visible pores, help against acne, reduce acne scars and mild skin discolouration.


Body Freckle TreatmentsKTP Laser Treatment

The KTP Laser emits green light at 532 nm. At this wavelength, the laser is easily absorbed by melanine as well as by hemoglobin in the human body.

Owing to the short wavelength, this treatment acts more superficially, which makes it ideal for treating skin freckles on the arms, face and decollete.

Freckles become darker and a redness appears in their place in the following days, until it subsides.

Varicose veins in the face and nose, and cherry angiomas in the torso are treated equally drastically within a few sessions and with no recovery time.


Body Freckle TreatmentsPico Laser Treatment

This treatment, which uses Pico technology, prevails over other treatments due to its effectiveness on fainter freckles.

The application of pico laser is extremely precise and leaves no marks.

Depending on the size and number of freckles, 1-2 sessions are usually required to get the desirable result, with an in-between period of several weeks to be determined by the doctor. There is intense redness on the face after the treatment, which subsides in about 5 days.

Pico laser has excellent results in tattoo removal too.



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