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Do you dream of smooth, beautiful, cellulite-free legs? Lipolysis injections, carboxytherapy, mesotherapy and radio frequencies smoothen the texture of the skin and eliminate the swelling and pain in the legs.

Cellulite is a feminine business, it concerns 80% of women and is considered an aesthetic rather than pathological issue. Cellulite is not visible at first, but as it progresses it becomes more accentuated and may even be painful to touch. Learn more about the causes and most effective treatments.



What is cellulite?

Cellulite is considered a normal condition, at least in the early stage.

Hormonal causes, a sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and genes all play a part in its appearance.

Cellulite loves the feminine body: The female body type is different than the male, has a thinner complexion, cell lobes in the subcutaneous are larger and, between them, like partitions, there are bunches of connective tissue arranged vertically, with a downward direction and arc-like towards the top.

Therefore, when we gain weight, these bunches are compressed and pull the skin downwards, thus giving it the “orange peel” look. In men, on the other hand, these bunches are weaved in such a way that they act like a girdle for fat cells.

In advanced stages of cellulite, disorders in the microcirculation of the lymphatic and venous system cause oedema (water retention), accumulation of toxins in the area, and fibrosis of the bunches of connective tissue, along with squeezing of subcutaneous fat lobes. It is at this stage that the skin is painful to touch, cellulite is visible without pinching the skin, and we feel a sense of heaviness. The doctor will determine the appropriate treatment of cellulite upon a clinical assessment, depending on its stage and type.

Complementary to the cellulite treatment, the doctor will give advice concerning a balanced diet involving a very small intake of carbohydrates and fat, physical activity, maintaining a balanced body weight and good hydration.

The most effective methods against cellulite are the following:



Cellulite treatment with Alidya, Strike Cell

One of the most effective injection treatments against cellulite, Alidya shows improvement from the first session. This treatment is ideal for early and medium stages of cellulite. It is based on EDTA complex which binds minerals and toxins from the area and contributes to a more alkaline ph level in the blood. The solution also contains mannitol to reduce oedema. Apart from EDTA, Strike Cell also contains artichoke extract acting as a diuretic, as well as equisetum extract, caffeine and carnitine for their lipolytic and thermogenic action. Treatment is administered weekly and is pain-free thanks to the special atraumatic needles used.

Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a medical technique in which active substances are injected into the problem area. The cocktail used for cellulite depends on its stage. For accentuated fibrous formations, a combination of hyaluronidase with phosphatidylcholine, sodium deoxycholate, caffeine and artichoke extract is ideal. Treatments are administered every 15 days using special atraumatic micro-needles. The effects become visible on the second session. After the treatment is completed, there may be mild pain for a few days and on rare occasions bruising.

Cellulite treatment with Carboxytherapy Venusian

Carboxytherapy is an injection treatment whereby small injections of CO2 are administered subcutaneously. This results in improving microcirculation, which is essential for treating any type. It is possible to apply lipolysis too, as Carboxytherapy breaks the membrane of fat cells. Treatments are pain-free and are administered on a weekly basis.



Cellulite treatment with 3Max Plus radio frequencies

3Max Plus is a revolutionary platform that combines 3 different technologies: multipolar radio frequencies at 1 and 2 MHz, fractional ultrasound and Vacuum suction. This method hits sagging, cellulite and retention in the same session. The heat transmitted by the device during the treatment does not cause any discomfort. In time the production of collagen is stimulated, resulting in tightening, reduction of the oedema (swelling), loss of inches and improvement of the orange peel appearance. An average of 6-9 sessions are required on a weekly basis.

Cellulite treatment with CelluErase

CelluErase is an invasive technique with immediate results in deep imprints, notably in the lumps and bumps observed in advanced stages of cellulite, especially in the glutes. After administering a local anesthetic in the problem area, a specially designed microsurgical blade is used to detach the hard fibroses in the connective tissue which entrap the skin in the wrong places in the subcutaneous, pulling it downwards and forming the bumps. Usually a single session is required. Recovery time is short, mostly because the ecchymoses (bruises) which may result are mild.



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