Eye Treatments

Peels, injectable and non-injectable treatments, Carboxy therapy are used to give the eyes a youthful appearance and eliminate wrinkles, bags and black circles.

Eyes are the mirror of our soul, and can give away our feelings and how well we take care of ourselves.

We may look older than our age if the area around the eyes seems tired, sad because of expression wrinkles and has bags and sagging.

We now have combined techniques which safely restore a youthful and relaxed appearance in the eye area.


Eye Treatments – Biorepair eye

The revolutionary technology of Electroporation D-Cool allows active substances to penetrate in order to treat wrinkles and black circles.

The hot-cold alternation induced by the special applicator stimulates microcirculation and relieves oedema (swelling).

There is zero recovery time and no bruising. Sessions are weekly.


Eye TreatmentsEye Treatments – Black circles

The Prostrolane Blanc-B treatment with hyaluronic and biomimetic peptides gradually eliminates black circles and wrinkles. A special pen is used to insert special peptides in any chronic pigmentation, and to whiten the eye area.

The hyaluronic acid will provide temporary hydration and anti-aging. Approximately 3 sessions are required.


Eye TreatmentsEye Treatments – Carboxy therapy

Carboxy Therapy Venusian is the ideal method for a pain-free treatment of black circles, mild sagging and small wrinkles around the eye area.

Special tiny needles are used to administer medical CO2 under the skin.

This way we increase the flow of oxygen in the area, strengthen microcirculation and enhance collagen production.

There will be a mild swelling, which will subside after one day.

Carboxy Therapy is pain-free and sessions take place on a weekly basis.


Lipolysis (eye bags)

The special treatment Prostrolane Inner B SE gradually eliminates bags at the upper and lower eyelids.

Injections which are almost entirely pain-free are used to target the fat around the eyes and, thanks to drastic biopeptides, fat cells are safely diminished.

There will be a mild oedema for 1-2 days.

The effect will be visible within a few sessions which take place every 15 days.

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid contained in the solution injected in the area, anti-wrinkle action is also ensured.


Eye TreatmentsRedensity II

A medical solution against black circles and tired eyes is offered by Redensity II, the only hyaluronic acid dermal filler with a patented formula of vitamins and hyaluronic acid specifically designed for that area.

A special needle-free pen is used to insert the filler in the tear trough area, where there is loss of fat and hollowing.

The effects last for an average of one year.


Eye TreatmentsPlasma therapy

The technology of plasma, which acts like a thunderbolt, is used to effect a selective ablation on the skin.

This results in firmness and elimination of wrinkles.

The Plasma therapy treatment is ideal for sagging on the upper and lower eyelid.

It can only be applied during months without sunlight, as recovery takes a few days and requires no exposure to sun.

Depending on the indications and the needs of the skin, 1-3 sessions are enough.


Eye TreatmentsCO2 fractional laser

Deka’s invasive laser CO2 fractional Smart Xide DOT is the most powerful laser technology for deep wrinkles and face scars.

Xanthelasma, fistulae and eye wrinkles can be successfully treated.

Treatment with fractional C02 laser can only be applied in the winter and recovery takes a few days.

Moreover, the fractional Co2 operation can only be undertaken by an experienced dermatologist as it requires surgical precision.


Eye TreatmentsChemical blepharoplasty

Phenol peel is the strongest non-surgical treatment for sagging and wrinkles around the eyes.

The desired result can be achieved in only one session, thanks to the safe patent of peel specialist Dr. Philippe Deprez involved in the Skin Tech Lip & Eyelid formula.


The phenol peel is a worthy substitution for blepharoplasty.

What you should know: Recovery takes at least a week and requires no exposure to sun, which is why the phenol peel treatment should only be administered in the winter.

The result will be absolutely compensating, however, as its effect will last for ten years. There will be some redness in the eyelids for a few weeks, which can be covered by make-up.



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