Fractional laser CO2

The revolutionary technology Smartpulse and Smartstack of DEKA’s Smartxide DOT  ensures the fastest recovery and the most targeted action for such a powerful laser as the fractional laser CO2. This treatment can be effected only during winter and gives safe results on deep scars as of the first session. The technology of this most powerful medical laser makes it possible to effect a controlled micro-ablation of skin layers in vertical columns. The laser’s thermal energy then induces collagen production through fibroblasts. This gradually reduces scars and pores.

There is oedema and redness for a few days after the session, sunbathing and intense work-out should be avoided and, if there is a history of herpes labialis, covering is required. The effects are visible on the first session. The Fractional laser treatment can be combined with the autologous mesotherapy from our own blood (Platelet Rich Plasma) for faster recovery and results.


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