Hair Mesotherapy

Hair MesotherapyMesotherapy against hair loss tones microcirculation, nourishes hair follicles and enhances hair thickness.

Your dermatologist will tell you if you are a suitable candidate.

Some types of hair loss, for instances those owing to heredity, are hard to reverse.

In these cases, our aim is to delay the appearance and advancement of the issue that leads to hair thinning, possibly even to alopecia.

For this purpose, scientists have been experimenting with various formulas and treatments.

Scientific studies have shown that mesotherapy with active substances may enhance the scalp, boost thinning hair and delay the advancement of hair loss.

Administering substances in various ways (e.g. with microneedling) has actually shown results in patients who had not responded to conventional treatments (e.g. topical treatment with minoxidil or finasterid intake by mouth).


What is hair mesotherapy

It is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment against hair loss, which helps:

  • Rejuvenate the hair
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Increase hair thickness.

The method of mesotherapy is based on the insertion of pharmaceutical substances in the skin and, in the case of hair, the mesotherapy is administered in the scalp.


When does hair mesotherapy apply

Mesotherapy against hair loss most frequently applies to androgenetic alopecia, where hair follicles become smaller resulting in hair loss and gradual thinning of the hair, mostly at the front and top parts of the head.

In mesotherapy against hair loss, results are pain-free and become gradually visible.


How does mesotherapy against hair loss work

In hair mesotherapy, we insert active nutrients in the scalp, such as:

  • vitamins
  • amino acids
  • trace elements
  • minoxidil
  • antiandrogens
  • Herbal growth factors or factors cultivated from human stem cells.

Indicatively, the Dermaheal mesotherapy against hair loss contains an injectable solution of:

  • vitamins
  • trace elements
  • minerals
  • nucleotides that delay the advancement of hair loss.

On the other hand, the Genosys mesotherapy contains peptides and herbal extracts which combine to increase the hair perimeter, make it stronger, prolong its anagen phase, and support hair thickness and volume.

The first phase of hair mesotherapy requires six sessions and, after that, two visits every two to three months. In hair mesotherapy a special tool (Dermapen or roller) is used to ensure a pain-free, fast treatment and deep penetration of the drastic substances.


The effects of mesotherapy on hair loss

Hair mesotherapy strengthens the hair making it thicker, and helps hair follicles develop healthily, while at the same time improving blood circulation at the scalp.

Scientific studies show that mesotherapy with drastic substances helps oxygenate the area and tones microcirculation topically.

However, it is a necessary condition that you be assessed as a suitable candidate for the treatment, and that the doctor topically administer substances which are effective.

The diadermal insertion of nutrients acts directly on the hair follicle, making the effect visible as of the first few sessions.

There is no contraindication against combining with other topical treatments or LLLT (mild laser against hair loss/ Low Level Light Therapy).


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