Invasive Treatments

Invasive treatments include injectable face sculpting with long-lasting fillers, which gives fullness to the lips, corrects the appearance of nose and chin, and brings back the appropriate proportions and a youthful appearance.

Time leaves its marks on the body and face as it passes. The skin looses its volume, and proportions change. There is now a way to regain our youthful appearance with minimally invasive treatments that take us back ten years in time without surgery.

What is important for a natural result is to select the appropriate dermatologist who will first perform a clinical test to assess what your face needs and then select the appropriate treatment for you.

Minimally invasive treatments are based on injectable skin fillers that restore youthful appearance and harmony on the face, and selecting the appropriate and reliable materials is critical.

The treatments used to bring back harmony to the face are the following:


Invasive TreatmentsInvasive Treatments – Face sculpting

The non-surgical face sculpting is an innovative method with immediate, visible results, which enables us to quickly return to our normal activities.

The injectable treatment is mostly based on administering fillers such as hyaluronic acid in:

  • cheeks
  • nose
  • lips
  • forehead

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide, a natural substance of the skin, whose production becomes gradually less with time.

We use a special process to create injectable products in the form of gel, which restore hydration and replace volume, while at the same time supporting the face.

Our clinic has many years of experience in fillers and uses well-reputed brands to ensure a natural result.

A tired and sad face is reshaped using special pens to insert hyaluronic acid in key points in order to the contour and cheeks.

For the sensitive area around the eyes, there is a special treatment which uses injectable hyaluronic acid with peptides to erase black circles or bags.

Before administering the injection treatment, anaesthetic cream is used topically.

There may be some bruising and mild oedema for a few hours or days after the session. The brands mostly used at our clinic are serious and reputable (Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Yvoire, Stylage), with years of application in aesthetic dermatology.

Bloodless face sculpting can be combined with Botox for best results.


Invasive Treatments – Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Would you like nicely shaped, full lips?

Lip augmentation and sculpting is now a trending method in aesthetic dermatology.

A simple, painless and safe injection treatment is administered to give the desirable volume to the lips using hyaluronic acid, correcting any imperfections in their shape or size. Talk to your dermatologist about what you wish and he will tell you what fits the proportions of your face.

Special hyaluronic acid fillers will smoothen smoker wrinkles on the upper lip and will enhance lip contour or volume, depending on the individual’s needs.

The effect lasts from 6 months to 1 year. After the treatment, there may be some bruising or mild oedema for a few days.


Invasive TreatmentsInjection profiloplasty with well-reputed fillers

We use injection treatments to improve facial characteristics and give harmony to the face. In specific, we correct the nose, the size and shape of chin, and the lips.

We use special fillers (Volux, Ellanse) to shape the chin, the jaw line and the cheeks.

In this way we achieve face lifting, less sagging, better appearance of the neck, and a more masculine face in men.

Non-surgical profiloplasty requires topical anaesthesia.

It is a modern, painless and safe method offering extraordinary results.

The treatment is supplemented with special hyaluronic acid for the lips (Volbella, Teosyal kiss) and nose (Restylane, Perlane), to restore proportions and harmony to facial characteristics.

The effect lasts for up to 2 years.


Long-lasting fillers – Biostimulants

(Radiesse, Ellanse, Sculptra): Dermal fillers are used in correcting wrinkles, increasing the volume of cheeks, improve the appearance of face and body.

They are among the most effective treatments in aesthetic dermatology. They are administered by injection, a relatively simple and painless procedure that takes a few minutes.

This category of fillers has the following advantage: it restores lost volume and at the same time stimulates natural collagen production in the body.

A longer-lasting effect is therefore ensured.

  1. Ellanse:

This dermal filler is based on the active substance of polycaprolactone, an FDA-approved polymer which is completely biocompatible, absorbable and has a high safety profile. Its metabolisation products are water and hydroxycaproic acid, which is naturally and completely eliminated from the body.

Ellanse produces an immediate effect in cheek sculpting, face contour, deep wrinkles in the nose and mouth area and bitterness wrinkles.

Within the following three months after the treatment, Ellanse improves wrinkles by stimulating neocollagen type I and III.

The effect lasts for 1 to 4 years. Ellanse injectable treatment does not cause any allergies. Anaesthetic cream is topically applied before the treatment.

  1. Radiesse:

An FDA-approved injectable dermal filler that corrects deep wrinkles and has a lasting effect for over a year.

Radiesse‘s active substance is calcium hydroxyapatite granules, a natural substance found in teeth and bones.

The effects are visible from the first moment and, thanks to the production of new collagen, they are long-lasting. Radiesse (hydroxyapatite) does not cause any allergies and is completely absorbable.

Radiesse enables V-lift, a face sculpting technique that corrects sagging.

It is also used for decollete wrinkles, rejuvenation of hands and immediate correction of acne scars. There may be some oedema or bruising for a few days, which will later subside.

  1. Sculptra:

This treatment has been known for almost 20 years and still continues to be a holistic treatment against facial aging.

FDA-approved, Sculptra is a type of absorbable filler in the form of a powder made of polylactic acid.

Polylactic acid is a completely biocompatible material which degrades into CO2 and water.

If you think that we lose 1% of our collagen every year, you will realize how important the Sculptra rejuvenation treatment is.

The treatment is administered by injections upon applying anaesthetic cream almost on the entire face except for the forehead, neck and lips.

Thanks to the collagen production induced by Sculptra, wrinkles are gradually filled, and hollow and empty face is lifted and restored.

This treatment requires 3 sessions, one every 4-6 weeks, and the effect lasts for approximately 2 years.

If photoaging is too extensive, results will usually become visible after the second session.

On rare occasions there may be bruising and oedema for a few days. After the treatment, a special massage needs to be applied by the doctor topically, and the technique must be administered by an experienced dermatologist to avoid any palpable nodules.

Sculptra does not cause any allergies but is contra-indicated for individuals with a history of keloid scars. The treatment with Sculptra can also be administered on the decollete and for glute lift with amazing results.


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