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IPL Quantum

IPL Quantum – Treatments for rosacea

The intense pulsed light (IPL Quantum) and mild cosmetic cocktails will eliminate redness from your face.

Acne rosacea (or rosacea) is a long-term inflammatory facial skin condition characterised by intense redness resulting from dilation of blood vessels.

This diffuse redness, which is mainly observed

  • at the cheeks
  • of individuals with sensitive capillaries and skin
  • or exposed to intense cold or heat,

and gets worse when consuming

  • spices,
  • alcohol,

is a condition ailing both men and women.

It greatly compromises the patient’s appearance and self-confidence.

The treatment for rosacea using pulsed light Quantum Lumenis IPL of Optimal Pulse Technology has been long considered as the “Gold Standard” in treating the diffuse redness of rosacea.

We also use IPL in other conditions, such as the poikiloderma of Civatte at the neck and decollete.

The treatment for rosacea with IPL

Special IPL Quantum Lumenis pulsed light filters are used to relieve the patient from redness, inflammation and small diffuse varicose veins.

The light energy emitted by the IPL Quantum pulsed light is absorbed by the red of hemoglobin, results in shrinking and elimination of compromised veins and offers collagen regeneration.

The effects become gradually visible.

Sessions take place during months without high temperatures and involve zero downtime.

The dermatologist will determine the specifics of the IPL Quantum treatment for rosacea.

For instance, if a rosacea patient has wide veins, as is sometimes the case with the nose, it is possible to combine the IPL Quantum with KTP Laser.

If there are papillae and pustules, photodynamic therapy or CR peeling will be administered.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, exposing the face to a specific wavelength such as the IPL has shown good results in treating rosacea.

In fact, on many occasions the redness was completely eliminated and the effect was long-lasting.


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