LipolysisA non-surgical solution to local fat

Ultrasound cavitation, lipolysis injections and carboxytherapy will free you from excess fat without surgery.

If you have:

  • Belly fat
  • Saddlebags
  • Excess fat in the arms and calves or even the chin (double chin)

there are non-invasive solutions ensuring a fast recovery term.

Ultrasound cavitation, lipolysis injections and carboxytherapy are the latest and most effective methods of lipolysis at the clinic. In particular:


  1. Lipolysis with Cavitation ultrasound 3Max Plus

Combined treatments hit the problem in several ways for better results, and can be completed in one session thanks to the advanced technology. In specific, 3-ΜΑΧPLUS combines three cutting-edge technologies in one platform for the cosmetic repair of face, neck and body.

  • Cavitation (ultrasounds)
  • Multipolar RF (radio frequencies)
  • Vacuum RF (suction).

Studies have shown that it is a comprehensive, non-invasive method of liposculpture that guarantees permanent results.

3-MAXPLUS Cavitation ultrasounds for lipolysis emit a specific frequency of 37 KHZ to fight cellulite and destroy fat cells anywhere there is unwanted fat.

This focused ultrasound technology creates bubbles inside fat cells, resulting in permanent destruction and lipolysis.

This is followed by a treatment using multipolar RF at 1 and 2 MHZ, where the heat causes intensive production of collagen and tightening.

The simultaneous rhythmic suction with the Vacuum reduces retention, enhances the elimination of toxins and liquefied fat from the area and improves lymph circulation.

Number of sessions: 6-9 sessions, 1 per week or per 10 days.

The process is pain-free and the effects become visible on the 3rd session.


  1. Αqualyx injection lipolysis

Aqualyx injection lipolysis is a safe, effective treatment against local fat.

The solution injected is deoxycholate, which is similar to cholanic enzymes produced in the liver and has the capacity to break up the membranes of fat cells, resulting in their destruction.

This method is more effective in individuals with normal body weight or slightly overweight.

Αqualyx injection treatment has guaranteed results in arms, chest (gynecomastia in men), belly, the inside of thighs, knees, double chin, areas known for persistent fat which is hard to remove through physical work-out and appropriate diet.

Moreover, the injection treatment is effected in a way that makes it painless.

In the next days, of course, the destruction of fat may give rise to mild pain, swelling and a sense of heaviness that will soon withdraw.

Lymphatic massage after the treatment and the use of ultrasound will relieve and will accelerate the healing. The first results may become visible on the first session, depending on the problem, the extent and the desirable degree of repair.

What is more, the effects are permanent, as local fat disappears from the areas where injectable lipolysis was administered.

Number of sessions: Approximately 3-4 every month.


  1. Carboxytherapy Venusian

Carboxytherapy Venusian is a medical treatment against local fat and cellulite.

This method is based on medical carbon dioxide, administered slowly and painlessly subcutaneously in small quantities (10-20 ml per microinjection), using a tiny needle. The body eliminates it normally in the next days.

As shown by various clinical studies (e.g. see Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 12/2016), Carboxytherapy helps enhance micro-circulation, oxygenate tissue, break fat cell membranes and increase skin elasticity. Number of sessions: 6-8 in average.

However, the number of sessions may vary for each individual, depending on the extent of the problem and the area where fat has accumulated.

Moreover, please note that every treatment against cellulite, such as mesotherapy and radio frequencies, can be combined with Carboxytherapy Venusian for even better results.



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