LLLTLLLT – Low Level Light Laser Treatment

The LLLT Laser induces hair growth and helps rejuvenate the scalp in a completely pain-free way.

Red light treatment (LLLT) is a medication-free treatment using laser, which suspends hair loss.

It is applied topically on the scalp using a special helmet.

The LLLT method:

  • Stimulates cellular respiration
  • Stimulates mitochondrial activity
  • Improves blood microcirculation and tissue oxygenation
  • Creates a favourable environment for hair follicle growth.

What does Laser Low Level do for hair loss


  • Is applied to hair follicles
  • Stimulates epidermal stem cells
  • Causes hair to shift from telogen (the phase of apoptosis of the hair’s cycle) to anagen (the phase of hair regrowth).

Clinical studies have shown that after an LLLT treatment the number of hairs per follicle unit is increased.

LLLT not only results in increasing the number of hairs but also increases them in diameter, notably in thickness.

LLLT’s efficiency in hair loss

According to existing scientific studies (e.g. Lasers in Medical Science, 2/2016), LLLT technology devices for hair loss are both safe and efficient in hair loss conditions in men and women where classical treatments are ineffective or not well-tolerated by certain people.

It is ideally recommended in combination with location-specific treatment at home and enhanced treatment at the clinic.

This means that, when we are not in maintenance phase but require quick results, we should combine it with:

  • PRP
  • Hair mesotherapy or hair filler.

In fact, a study carried out on the efficiency of an LLLT transmitting helmet (Lasers in Medical Science, 12/2018) has shown that the application of a treatment to 36 men and women for 24 weeks was effective in individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

Side effects were mild.

Please keep in mind that laser devices (LLLT) for hair loss are also available for use at home.

However, since the wavelength and the frequency of LLLT use are important, as is an assessment of the condition by a doctor, it would be best to first seek the advice of a dermatologist specialising in scalp issues.

Not all technologies are suitable for everyone, and it is good to get a targeted and customised treatment.

The safety of laser low level in hair loss

The LLLT treatment process is safe, painless and non-invasive.

Low level laser treatments rejuvenate microcirculation topically, which:

  • Encourages hair follicles to grow hair
  • Extends their anagen phase.

The laser treatment for hair loss (LLLT) appears to be an effective treatment for hair growth both for men and women.

Laser treatment can be a solution suitable for anyone wishing to stop or perhaps reverse hair loss.

As with any treatment, the doctor may help you after examining and diagnosing the condition, and determine the combination of treatments required for each type of hair loss (alopecia).


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