Mole mapping

Χαρτογράφηση σπίλων

Mole mapping is the primary prevention examination which offers diagnosis and leads the doctor to the appropriate treatment where there is indication of skin cancer of some form. In a country exposed to sunlight all year round such as Greece, Mole check must be carried once or twice per year, starting in early childhood.

People who should be more careful and consistent with their mole checks are those who:

  • Have more than 50 moles
  • Have incurred a skin burn during childhood or pubescence
  • Have a pale skin phototype with light-coloured eyes, blonde or red hair and are sensitive to sunburns
  • Have large moles since birth
  • Have a family history of melanoma
  • Have a dysplastic nevus syndrome



Mole check – Mole mapping

If there is a need to monitor moles, then digital mapping of a patient is recommended.

The dermatologist takes digital photos of the patient’s moles and, using a special software, stores them in a computer file so as to be able to compare them to their previous condition when the patients repeats the check a few months or a year later, and to see if they have changed, grown or if more moles have appeared etc.


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