Photodynamic Therapy with ALA

Φωτοδυναμική Θεραπεία με ALA

The Photodynamic Therapy with ALA provides a solution against acne, scars, freckles and inflammation: A pioneering treatment using the beneficial effects of light and the properties of the substances it activates.


What is Photodynamic Therapy with ALA?

The Photodynamic Therapy with ALA (aminolevulinic acid) is a particularly effective and painless treatment for facial care, especially against acne.

It uses the following mechanism: The photodynamic therapy uses photochemical reactions interacting with the photosensitizing agent ALA (notably a chemical substance sensitive to light), the energy of light and oxygen.

The result is an exquisite method against facial skin conditions (used in medicine even against skin cancer).

Moreover, a different biological effect is produced depending on the type of light used (e.g. laser, LED lamp, wavelength).

Therefore, in acne, blue light is used to inhibit P.Acnes, seborrhea and hyperkeratinization.

Red light is used to trigger collagen and elastin production and improve scars.

Yellow light reduces redness, and green light improves freckles.


The process of the Photodynamic Therapy with ALA

The photodynamic therapy involves two stages:

  • In the  first stage, the dermatologist administers the photosensitizing agent ALA on the skin of the individual.

The treatment is administered topically in order for skin cells to absorb ALA.

  • In the second stage, the problem area is exposed to light of a specific wavelength, which triggers the photosensitizing agent.

This substance is triggered by light and has a therapeutic effect on unhealthy cells.


The effectiveness of the photodynamic therapy

The photodynamic therapy (PDT) reduces:

  • Sebum production and
  • The size of sebaceous glands (therefore oily skin)
  • Their destruction

As a result, the condition of acne is treated in the long term.

For this reason, the photodynamic therapy is used by dermatologists very frequently and with great success in treating acne.


The safety of the photodynamic therapy

The photodynamic therapy is usually applied during months without sunlight and involves zero downtime. There is no pain or peel-off, but there may be some dryness and redness.

The dermatologist will determine the number of sessions depending on the indications.



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