Sensitive skin treatment

Sensitive skin treatment

Sensitive skin treatment (Dermalogica)

The treatments applied by the dermatologist for rosacea are ideally complemented by skin care products used at the clinic and at home.

It is a personalised treatment based on appropriate formulas of mild composition, which contain soothing substances.

Indicatively, a topical treatment using the specialised Ultra Calming series of Dermalogica is ideal for sensitive, dehydrated skin with compromised skin barrier and redness.

The Ultra Calming series comprises, among other things:

  • facial cleanser
  • serum
  • cream-gel for hydration

The drastic substances of this pleasant and invigorating treatment for rosacea are based on a licorice extract which reduces irritation, on piperonal – a glycoside reducing redness, on natural oat along with beta glucan and vitamin Ε which soothe and make the redness and pulling sense subside.

What is more, the substances used topically for rosacea include sage extract, which restores the protective lipid bilayer, and juice from aloe leaves, which hydrates the skin in depth.

There is immediate improvement with these products, which can be used all year round, especially when we are under intense stress or in an environment with heat and pollution.



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