Skin ox Phototherapy for Rosacea

Φωτοθεραπεία Skin ox για τη Ροδόχρου

Skin ox Phototherapy for Rosacea is a mask emitting yellow light at a specific wavelength to trigger the more drastic substances of the peel and eliminate chronic redness from your face.

Rosacea is a common skin condition.

You may have noticed it in people who become very red, either occasionally (such as when they consume wine or get angry) or as a chronic condition.

Science has now an extensive arsenal of treatments such as Skin Ox Phototherapy, as well as options of specialised cosmetic formulas for use at home.


 Skin ox Peel & phototherapy

Skin ox peels are comprehensive protocols adjusted to the individual’s needs (acne, rejuvenation, rosacea etc.). When the indication is rosacea, the Skin ox treatment begins with a special medical light-sensitive peel, which means that drastic substances are triggered by phototherapy.

In the case of rosacea, the dermatologist applies Skin ox peel redness, followed by a cocktail of drastic substances. The individual wears a face mask emitting yellow light. The yellow light triggers light-sensitive substances into action. The Skin ox peel has an antimicrobial action and stimulates oxygenation topically.


How is Skin ox Phototherapy for Rosacea effected

The peeling method combined with Skin Ox phototherapy is effected in 4 stages:

1.    Cell renewal

The doctor applies on the face, neck and decollete for 15 minutes a mixture of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) based on glycolic acid as well as on lactic, tartaric, malic and citric acid. This is aimed at cell renewal and enables the therapeutic substances to penetrate. The material is then removed using lukewarm water.

2.    The serum

The next step involves applying a serum topically on the face, neck and decollete for 15 minutes.

3.    The phototherapy mask

The dermatologist applies to the individual’s face a mask which safely emits yellow light at a specific wavelength. The Skin ox phototherapy for Rosacea triggers the substances into action. The substances contained in the serum and triggered by yellow light are the following:

Colloidal silver: This is a substance with strong antimicrobial properties, which is important where there are pimples (acnes rosacea). Azelaic acid: It reduces the formation of free radicals that cause inflammation on the skin, and reduces redness.

Corallina Officinalis: This substance, which can be found in red algae, is rich in calcium, stimulates oxygenation topically and has vasoconstrictive properties which reduce the visible signs of rosacea.

Hyaluronic acid: It is contained in the cocktail at a low molecular weight, so as to reach deeper and hydrate the deeper layers of the skin, as well as at a high molecular weight so as to raise humidity levels on the surface.

4.    The sunscreen protection

The dermatologist will apply a cream with a high SPF for maximum sunscreen protection before you leave the clinic. The treatment is repeated at weekly sessions.

Avoid rosacea recurrence

To preserve the effect, treat you skin properly and respect its needs. Limit your sun exposure as much as you can, and wear sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 30 or higher). Avoid exposure to heat and alcohol consumption, especially red wine. At home, use a mild cleansing and smoothing products which are specific to rosacea, and wash your face with lukewarm or cool water.



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