Stretch marks

Stretch marksTreatments to eliminate stretch marks

Learn about the most effective technologies and medical substances applied topically to eliminate stretch marks or make them more faint.


What are stretch marks and what causes them?

Did you grow or lose weight rapidly? Did you go through pregnancy? You may have noticed stretch marks on your skin, first appearing as red steaks which gradually turn white. Stretch marks are lesions in the skin resulting from the abrupt overstretching of the dermis, where collagen and elastin fibers are formed. New stretch marks are purple-red in appearance, and gradually turn white with time. They may be plain, small, thin streaks, or narrow, atrophic, with loose skin underneath.

Stretch marks result from sudden weight and growth changes, such as during adolescence, pregnancy, in obesity and in case of hormonal disorders where cortisol is excessive. Areas where stretch marks are most common are the belly, appearing during the third trimester of pregnancy, the breasts, areas where the skin is thinner, in the inside of arms and legs, in the glutes. Stretch marks is not a female issue only, but also affects men during adolescence or intense muscular growth through exercise. Heredity also plays an important part.

Stretch marks greatly affect both an individual’s external appearance and their emotional well-being, and conservative treatments do not produce the desirable results. Modern and appropriate techniques are currently applied using special instruments and pharmaceutical substances, promising immediate and permanent results.


Stretch marksTreatment for stretch marks with Venus Viva fractional radio frequencies

The treatment for stretch marks using Venus Viva radio frequencies is based on the revolutionary technology of nano fractional frequency and is considered to be painless and absolutely safe. This new technique achieves selective ablation of the skin, while at the same time creating microcolumns of heat in the dermis (notably heating the skin in depth). This stimulates fibroblasts and will gradually result in new collagen. This eliminates or diminishes even old stretch marks, including narrow and atrophic ones. The radio frequency treatment involves a minimal sense of heat when administered, and redness for about 7 days. Exercise and tight clothes should be avoided for a few days.


Stretch marksPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection treatment for stretch marks

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for stretch marks is a type of mesotherapy using an autologous solution, notably plasma from the individual’s own blood. The plasma is processed in a centrifuge, where it is separated from the other blood components to become enriched with platelets. Upon processing, it is injected in areas of the body affected by stretch marks in order to heal the scars. This is effected due to growth factors released from the platelets, the natural proteins which transmit a signal to restore collagen, thus making the marks and scars fainter. This is a natural and safe treatment that does not involve any recovery time and can be successfully combined with the other treatments for faster results.


Stretch marksTreatment for stretch marks with IPL QUANTUM

The IPL Quantum Laser is a modern approach to stretch mark treatment. The intense pulsed light (IPL) technology aims at skin collagen increase and skin reconstruction. Pulsed light is a very effective and pain-free treatment for new, red-coloured stretch marks. After the treatment, you will note a gradual improvement in the colour and texture of the skin area affected by stretch marks

Treatment for stretch marks with fractional laser smartXite DECA

The fractional laser CO2 is an invasive medical treatment for deep scars and tough stretch marks. It focuses on a microscopic level, administering a controlled injury to the skin. Moreover, the thermal injury it causes results in a strong stimulation of collagen production. The effects are drastic and impressive. Immediately after the session there will be a considerable burning sensation and some redness for a few days. The laser treatment is ideal for white and red stretch marks and requires very few sessions. When combined with the autologous mesotherapy (PRP), it produces faster results and a shorter recovery time.


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