Threads are a non-surgical procedure against face, neck and body sagging.

Find out what they can offer, depending on their technology, and which are their indications.

Skin sagging obeys the law of gravity.

Tissue sagging will happen to all of us in time.

However, not every individual with skin sagging is a candidate for surgical lift.

Surgery may be delayed for many years thanks to non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments.

Face and body threads effect a non-surgical lift, no skin is removed by the doctor and general anaesthesia is not required.

Moreover, this process is effected at the clinic and the individual can return home afterwards.

Find out which are the most well-known face and body threads, and which option is the best depending on the indication.


Threads PDO & COG Threads

PDO threads are inserted in the face and body using a pioneering antiaging technique, and one session is enough to produce the desirable result.

They consist of an absorbable suture made of polydioxanone and gradually degrade within 3 months.

These are inserted as a matrix under the skin and, within the aforementioned 3 months’ time, gradually produce collagen and a lifting effect.

The treatment is effected upon applying anaesthetic cream topically.

On rare occasions there may be some bruising after the treatment.

The result lasts for an average of 6-8 months, and there are special threads for the eyes, smile wrinkles, decollete and body.

For immediate lifting results we use COG threads, which are special barbed PDO threads.

COG threads are likewise inserted under the skin using topical anaesthesia, and the effect lasts for an average 4-8 months.

On rare occasions there is oedema, bruising and folds on the skin for a few days, but these undesirable effects will subside.


Threads Aptos Threads

APTOS threadsare manufactured in Germany from polylactic acid and popypropylene, two materials which have been safely used in surgery for years.

Their inventor, Dr. Sulamanidze, overs a variety of threads such as the following:

  • Aptos Visage
  • Thread to G
  • Needle 2 G
  • Spring
  • Body, which give an impressive result against sagging in face, neck and body.

Unlike simple PDO and COG threads, Aptos offer a longer-lasting result up to 2 years, and more intensive production of collagen.

Insertion is effected upon topical anaesthesia.

There may be some oedema, bruising, folds or irregularities on the skin for a few days, especially if the initial sagging is more intense.

The tugging feeling may last 7-10 days.

Results are immediate as the face oval (contour) and deep wrinkles in the nose and mouth area are lifted, with very short recovery time.


ThreadsSilhouette Soft Threads

Silhouette Soft threads are a non-surgical and minimally invasive medical lifting method.

This non-surgical face lift is based on special absorbable threads made of polylactic acid, with bidirectional cones on their surface.

These sutures are safe and have been certified for many years.

They are inserted upon topical anaesthesia and, thanks to the lift they give the skin, face contour is restored and neck sagging is corrected.

The advantage of Silhouette Soft threads is that they gradually stimulate collagen production, therefore the lifting effect lasts from 1 to 2 years.

After a session with Silhouette Soft threads there may be some bruising, mild pain, oedema and skin folds for a few days.

Avoiding any intensive work-out for 7-10 days is recommended.



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