Treatments for Freckles

Treatments for Freckles

Treatments for Freckles such as face peel, microneedling and phototherapy eliminate melasma and brown spots, giving an even tone to your skin.

Freckles and brown spots result from chronic sun exposure, which triggers melanocytes, notably the cells that produce melanin, the pigment which gives a dark tone to the skin.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a special type of freckle. Depending on its depth, we distinguish between epidermal, dermal and mixed (it is usually mixed, notably both epidermal and dermal). Its appearance is stimulated by exposure to ultraviolet and blue light, by female hormones such as estrogens (melasma reaches its peak during pregnancy and when using contraceptives), and is also determined by heredity.

Special peels and laser are among the top treatments at the clinic. In particular:

  1. Treatments for Freckles – Peels

Chemical peels are based on applying special solutions on the skin in order to remove dead cells and external layers, for shine and rejuvenation. Depending on the peel, there may be no irritation at all or a mild peel-off and redness for a few days, or something more intense for 7 days.

Which are the most state-of-the-art peeling procedures?

Nanopeel TRX Sesderma: The revolutionary nano technology of liposomes is used to administer combined fruit acids, retinol, tranexamic acid, kojic acid, azelaic acid, resorcinol deep in the skin. Thus we can have a targeted effect at any depth desirable to treat freckles and wrinkles. This is a safe method that involves zero redness and a mild peel-off for a few days. The result is visible on the first session.

Θεραπείες για τις ΠανάδεςPh Formula Mela Treatment: This is a treatment for freckles using the complex PH-DVC, aiming at inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that participates in the production of melanin. It has a whitening effect and does not involve any burning sensation. A mild peel-off will be noticed in the following days. The effect is regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Summer peels: Modern peels do not cause any irritation in the summer and are suitable for rejuvenation and shine, for treating skin dryness, dullness, mild spots, slight sagging, first wrinkles. These include Ο2 Lift peel, moist peel, ferulic acid peel, aloe vera – vit C peel. They are used to enhance skin defence, to safeguard internal humidity, give brightness and protect the skin from free radicals (owing to stress and sun exposure) with antioxidants.

  1. Treatments for Freckles – Microneedling

Treatments for Freckles

Bene Bellum: Microneedling is a revolutionary treatment against melasma. The doctor uses a small device with tiny needles topically on the skin, in order to insert active substances such as tranexamic acid, vitamins A, E, C and 4-hexylresorcinol. This method may be applied even in the summer without causing any irritation, for indications involving old and persistent melasmas. The effects are visible on the first session.

  1. Phototherapy & photodynamic therapy (Skin OX, Sesderma)

Treatments for Freckles

A modern, pain-free and natural method where visible LED light or High Density Diode is utilised in various wavelengths (Low Level Light Energy), either as a monotherapy or combined with photosensitizing substances (photodynamic therapy). Photons activate cell oxygenation and skin regeneration. Preparing the skin with a combination of fruit acids at the beginning of the treatment helps to eliminate epidermal freckles.

After that, a combination of glutathione, tranexamic acid, melanostatine, inhibit the production and transfer of melanin towards the epidermis.

The photosensitizing substance Colloidal Gold is activated by green LED, thus reducing pigmentation, soothing the skin and enhancing the whitening effect. Treatments are weekly, safe, and irritation-free even in the summer.

  1. Biorepair whitening

Treatments for Freckles

A new whitening treatment that does not cause any irritation, which is why it can be safely applied all year round. Thanks to electroporation, micromolecular whitening substances are administered under the epidermis such as vitamin C, arbutin, glutathione and whitening peptides.

The Biorepair whitening peel is ideal for persistent melasmas and prevention. This method regulates and inhibits the over-production of melanin.


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